by Censor Static

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electro sex banshees howling at the moon


released April 20, 2010

all music & lyrics (c) censor static




Censor Static Ontario

i am just a dude who tries to blend all the styles that inspire me together in a cohesive and captivating way.

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Track Name: Bird/Song
"I want my bird back!" she screamed into darkness,
holding the sheets with the hands she had raised.
Night would bring with it lucid and heartless
nightmares and memories of a day she created.

It takes place in preschool, while half a dozen classmates
eat her budgie in the lunch room off a torn paper plate.
"A-N-Y-O-N-E, can you hear me?! Give her back. Don't eat her!"

I'm sorry about your bird.

I guess that means the day that we met,
I was still young, but she still couldn't forget
the way the knives broke the wings,
use the fork to pry the beak, poke and prod and watch her squirm...

I'm sorry about your bird.
Track Name: Hawking
I miss my daughter.
The baby I had raised in '83.
She lives in New York now, with her mother and her stepdad,
but I tried to be the best dad I could be.

I wonder what the papers say,
or how long it takes to figure it out.
Will I be remembered, earn my own day in September,
or will I just be a star that's burning out?

A faulty latch, distracted rigging could be whats to blame,
for the event that became the end of me.
But who can point fingers, they're long out of sight,
as I float into night they're leaving me.

I can't remember anything.
Who it was or what they said, last words to me.
Did I lend my heart and do my part in loving fellow man,
Did I matter more than all these lights I see?

Warnings chime at different times
two red lines for air supply,
my chest is tighter, face is whiter,
breathing hurts and throat is dry.

Dark is space and night will take me,
floating calm into the black.
Did I ever share my soul,
and did anyone love me back?

Like Major Tom, I will be gone,
But ground control, there's nothing wrong.